Introduction to Omega EMS and Merger Announcement

“OMEGA has been exceptional to work with for customer service, production hurdles, and schedule adjustments.  They have consistently delivered products on tight schedule deadlines and the yields have been very good with fine pitch parts.  It’s great to know OMEGA has our back with getting our products to market.”
Mike V.
Sr. Hardware / Firmware Engineer

“The top 3 reasons why I like working with the OMEGA team are Quality, Customer Service and the vast knowledge of their PCB layout group. I know I can count on the team to make it happen for me regardless if it’s a small NPI build or multiple projects happening at the same time. We are able to go to market faster due to great PCB layout practices, extremely nimble NPI turnaround and support”
Tim K.
VP – Hardware Engineering

“I’ve found Phil and Omega to be outstanding partners during the development process. Responsive, reliable, and reasonably priced”. I don’t know how you do it — you never say “no” and you always deliver!”
Dennis A.
Head of Operations


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